Russian freelance photographer and educator.  With her work Alyona explores historical and cultural connections of person and his homeland. She is interested how the tradition and the present interact with each other and influence people’s spiritual and material culture, their everyday life and world view.

Alyona concluded that in every point of social tension there are human personalities which are equally interesting as global processes. She thinks that understanding and sympathy are basis for growing love to neighbors.

“For me photography is natural part of life, all-purpose language, which I use to speak on problems and express my feelings. The main thing is to do it sincerely, do not retouche or blacken. The most valuable feature of photography is that every picture is a revelation, because besides the things author thought about, life always brings something unpredictable and amazing.” — says Alyona.

She was born in 1988 in Kaluga, Russia. She has a degree in economy, but later decided to spent all her time on photography. Her works have been published in TIME magazine, GEO, La Vanguardia, Folha De S.Paulo, National Geographic Russia, Russian reporter magazine, etc. Alyona teaches photography in Kaluga Children Arts’ School № 2 named after S. S. Tulikov.

She is an author of some solo and many group exhibitions. Alyona is 3rd prize winner of World Press Photo 2019, 3rd Prize Winner of Px3 Paris Photography Prize, Honorable Mention of IPA, Grand Prix & 1st Prize winner of The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest, Grand Prix Winner of The Young People In The XXI Century International Contest (Lithuania), finalist of The Circle Of Life contest 2019 (Lithuania), PhotoVisa festival. 

Her pictures were exhibited in Photobiennale Of The State Russian Museum, Baltic Biennale Of Photography Photomania, Volga Biennale Of Photography, PiterPhotoFest and many others. Photos are in collection of Leica Gallery Vienna, The State Russian Museum and Chuvash State Art Museum.

About me. Alyona Kochetkova | Photographer and photography educator